CLI Tools

  1. countryfetch: A cli tool for fetching information about countries
  2. erdtree: A multi-threaded file-tree visualizer and disk usage analyzer
  1. 3 fundamental tools to troubleshoot Linux performance problems
  2. A new version of APT is coming to Debian 12
  3. Some possible reasons for 8-bit bytes
  4. How to run containers on Mac with Podman
  5. Zellij Adds Stacked Panes and Swap Layouts
  6. Who created the idea(s) of the first loop constructs?

Tip of the Week

Displaying text in the terminal:

# because I like this trick: download three paragraphs of lorem ipsum:
% curl -s -X POST -d "amount=3" -d "what=paras" -d "start=true" \
  | jq -r '.feed.lipsum' | fmt -w 80 > /tmp/lorem.txt

cat /tmp/lorem.txt     # print entire file, not scrollable
cat -n /tmp/lorem.txt  # prints entire file with line numbers
view /tmp/lorem.txt    # opens the file in Vim in read-only mode
more /tmp/lorem.txt    # print with scroll down, clears the screen at exit
less /tmp/lorem.txt    # print with bidirectinal scroll, clears the screen at exit, configurable
bat /tmp/lorem.txt     # includes syntax highlighting; see ``

# using `head` and `tail`:
tail -n2 /tmp/lorem.txt  # print the last two lines
tail -n+2 /tmp/lorem.txt  # print all but the first two lines
head -n2 /tmp/lorem.txt  # print the first two lines
head -n-2 /tmp/lorem.txt  # print all but the last two lines